A Participative and integrative platform for you to dive into yourself, transform organizations and society, promoting your best, your joy and essence.
Esplendor Brasil is for everyone. Everyone who has been transformed in some way, for everyone who wants to know and evolve.


From the individual perspective [IND], the sum of the collective [ECO] and the universal vision [UNI], the Esplendor platform gathers knowledge in the areas of personal and organizational development. Idealized by a group of catalysts inspired by the journey of (a) observation, (b) attraction, (c) transformation, and (d) promoting the evolution of the whole, we want to extend
that invitation.

Come live this journey!


“Empathize, connect, synergize. Human consciousness is just the beginning.”


“We are connected by planetary consciousness, which leads us to expand our perspective.”


“We promote universal consciousness, as we are part of the same divine source.”


As Nikola Tesla said: “If you want to discover the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration;”


Energy flows in a harmonic way, respecting magnetic circular cycles existing in everything, whether in your body, on the planet or in the Universe. When we start the WakeUp IND journey, we are inviting you to feel the magnetism of life. When we open up to understand this energy cycle, we understand our role in Life and learn to be cocreators, instead of just observers
of this great plan.


This program is aimed at all people who want to know each other, who try to stop the vicious circle where the same mistakes are repeated over and over again. For all those with a barrier that does not allow them to continue the journey and thus evolve.


The purpose of this path is to put you back on track, to bring you clarity, the confidence to be on track, to awaken your self-responsibility to consistently exercise your free will. Return to balance, learn from experience and mainly to cocreate your life:





The methodology WAKE-UP ECO is organized into three scales of consciousness:


The individual’s awareness of the search for the best existential purpose where he is co-responsible for his growth, be it a gift, a talent or a soft skill


Awareness of the individual’s importance of understanding the ecosystem in which he is inserted and what will be the contribution and results.


The awareness that the ecosystem is aligned to a greater purpose, integrating cooperative teams and thinking leaders, realizing the balance with the whole. The methodology is ideal for organizations in an exchange process, building the variables of a new reality.equilíbrio com o todo. A metodologia é ideal para organizações que se encontram em um processo de câmbio, construindo as variáveis de uma nova realidade.

The methodology WAKE-UP JOURNEY encourages cocreation, reinforcing the power of the collective, all perspectives and knowledge add value in the evolution of our society. If you want to be part of our journey by participating in the Esplendor Council and enabling the transformation of people and organizations, this is the time to start a new chapter in your story:

Participate in the Splendor Council
You will be able to suggest topics of greater relevance to be addressed (within the matters of Esplendor Brasil core value)
Have free access to Esplendor digital content, while your plan is active
Discounts for on-site courses and activities
The cocreator’s investment provides the development of more aware, responsible and coherent people.

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