From the individual perspective [IND], the sum of the collective [ECO] and the universal vision [UNI], the Esplendor platform gathers knowledge in the field of personal and organizational development. Conceived by a group of catalysts inspired by the journey of (a) observation, (b) attraction, (c) transformation, and (d) promoting evolution of the whole, we want to extend this invitation.

Come live this journey!


Everything came out of a process of self-discovery, of expanding consciousness, where we observed that this could not be a single and individual process.
Gradually, we noticed we were going through the same journey of transformation, we saw that this mentality and challenge were not unique and so we decided to share it with the world, because our longing could and should be the same of MANY others, our goal of propagating LOVE, COMPASSION, RESPECT, INTEGRATION, should be part of a community without limits and borders.


We understand that everything is part of learning, so sharing our achievements and challenges is already part of our routine.
This is a way to serve both as a model and to raise awareness among those who may be a little ahead to approach and share their experiences to allow new transformations.

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Posso ajudar? Can I help you? Te ayudo?
Olá 👋! Posso ajudar? Can I help you? Te ayudo?