As Nikola Tesla used to say… if you want to discover the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. The WAKE-UP IND methodology enhances individual transformation. Using practical instruments that will be facilitating a journey in search of the purpose, the solution, the fullness.

Our Proposal

The energy flows in a harmonic way, respecting magnetic circular cycles existing in everything, whether in your body, on the planet or in the Universe. When we start the WakeUp IND journey, we are inviting you to feel the magnetism of life. When we open up to understand this energy cycle, we understand our role in Life and learn to be cocreators, rather than just observers of that grand plan.

The purpose of this path is to put you back on track, to bring you clarity, the confidence to be on track, to awaken your self-responsibility to consistently exercise your free will. Return to balance, learn from experience and mainly cocreate your life.


Initial diagnosis from contemplation


Design what we want, from purpose


Create the necessary practices and habits


Everything is a reaction to an action: Donate yourself!


Apply the principle of the collaborative universe


Living from the infinite cycle

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Posso ajudar? Can I help you? Te ayudo?
Olá 👋! Posso ajudar? Can I help you? Te ayudo?